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Larger parties

Family get together, business dinner or dinner with friends

We like larger parties. Above all, we like larger parties who likes us. Therefor we have picked out our best wine selection, fires with the best charcoal and pull ourselves together more than we usually do. To make this the best Totale experience we'll have our "larger parties experts" helping you out.

Our menus

Frågor & svar

Do we have to pre order?

Yes, for larger parties, 8 people or more, we would like to know which menu you have decided on. Depending on the size of your party we also need to know what dishes we shall prepare for you.

We will contact you in advance.

Your pizza's are great - Don't you have a pizza menu?

Not at the moment but we are happy to add a few pizza's for you to share.

Can we pay through invoice?

Aabsolutely but please send us your details before your visit.

We have a few allergies - Can you customize the dishes?

We can customize most allergies. Sometimes we customize the dish it self and sometimes we need to offer alternative dishes. Please let us know beforehand and we will do our best.


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41314 Göteborg

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Every day from 17:00


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